Online MA International Relations: Career outlook

Unlock global career opportunities

Negotiate policy for environmental change or generate solutions to global disputes – whatever your career goal, at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) we can make it happen. By learning from leading international experts and studying alongside a global community of students, you’ll enrich your intercultural experience, and with it your career opportunities.

Recent graduates have gone on to work for government, NGOs and think tanks, making a difference in both the public and the private sector.

Collaborate with a global cohort of students from more than 55 countries1

International Relations jobs are in high demand, with predicted growth of 5% through to 20282

NTU leads the way in sustainability and is currently rated the 4th most sustainable university in world3

Career Spotlights

Director of Development


A Director of Development is responsible for ensuring adequate company funding, implementing fundraising plans and identifing sources, be they through investors, grants, marketing activity or charitable events.4

Policy Manager


Policy Managers are employed by governments and other large organisations to develop and lead cohesive policies and strategic plans, coordinating teams of people to ensure specific goals are achieved.5

Additional roles:

  • Mission Support Manager
  • Political Affairs Officer
  • Development Officer
  • Project Worker
  • Programme Manager
  • Cultural Advisor
  • Director of International Relations
  • International Relations Manager
  • Refugee Manager
  • General Affairs Manager

Online MA International Relations career outcomes:

  • apply theoretical frameworks, concepts, and methodologies of international relations
  • debate and communicate complex ideas
  • use specialist knowledge to implement international policy
  • employ qualitative and quantitative data and advanced research methods
  • interact and exchange ideas with professionals from diverse backgrounds
  • apply ethical insight in decision making and problem solving

My plans for the future are to find employment within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). My course will benefit my future employer by allowing me to have a strong understanding of my subject.

Martha Kingman, Vermont, US
International Relations, MA (campus course)

Career support

Your relationship with NTU will continue long after graduation. To make the most of your future career prospects, we will help you gain the skills and knowledge employers are looking for:

  1. Online community: Become part of an online community of like-minded professionals from over 55 different countries worldwide.
  2. Distinguished lectures: Access our Distinguished Lecture Series for free and listen to the world’s greatest minds interrogating contemporary course topics.
  3. Employability support: Talk to our dedicated careers team for up to three years after graduation.


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