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What can you do with an MA in International Relations from NTU?

Whether you're looking to negotiate policy for environmental change or generate solutions to global disputes, by studying alongside a global community with Nottingham Trent University (NTU), you can enrich your International Relations experience and unlock a world of career opportunities.

My plans for the future are to find employment within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). My course will benefit my future employer by allowing me to have a strong understanding of my subject.

Martha Kingman, Vermont, US
International Relations, MA (campus course)

Build your career with NTU

Our International Relations Master's graduates are highly employable in both public and private sectors due to their wide-ranging skills and competencies. Program alumni have gone on to fulfil diverse roles with the United Nations, local and national governments, charities, educational institutions, and NGOs. In the private sector, businesses such as think tank organisations and not-for-profits are increasingly looking for graduates who understand international and global events and processes.

Studying a master’s degree at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) helped me to secure a job working on the general election campaign as a local organiser for the Labour Party.

Robyn Sewter, Derbyshire, UK
International Relations, MA (campus course)

Internationally experienced

The Online MA in International Relations course will expose you to different perspectives, insights, and research approaches, and is taught by a truly international team of instructors, each of whom offering their own regionally aligned strengths covering Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Indian subcontinent and Europe, with input from experts from across the globe. 58% of our students come from outside of the United Kingdom and have an average of 12.5 years of career experience. These diverse perspectives develop your intercultural competency and self-confidence – key skills in establishing an international relations career anywhere in the world.

The main reason I chose International Relations is because it opens up my career options. It relates to politics, the media, the economy, sustainability, health, etc. I thought I could gain a lot of knowledge about the world we are living in; how it is operating, the problems it is facing and how those problems are being tackled.

Kay Naing, Burma
International Relations, MA (campus course)

Global Citizenship

By adopting Global Citizenship qualities taught on the MA International Relations course, you will develop an openness to the world which will enable you to focus on issues of engagement, interaction, and sustainability. As you exchange ideas with students from around the world, you'll put these ideas into practice.

Employers in a variety of sectors, including those advertising jobs in international development, see Global Citizenship as a major plus, especially when recruiting employees for analytical, advisory, and decision-making roles.

To find out more about NTU’s online MA in International Relations, complete our online form or call the admissions office on 0800 032 1180 (UK) or +44 (0)115 941 8419 (International).