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Natasha Underhill

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Natasha Underhill

Natasha is a lecturer in International Relations and course leader for The New World War: Terrorism in the Era of Globalisation and Women and Global Movements modules for the Online MA International Relations. Her research focus includes international terrorism, state failure, Middle East and North Africa area studies.

Natasha has a BSc (Hons) degree in Government and Public Policy, MBs (Hons) Government and International Relations and PhD in International Relations (Commerce and Government) from University College Cork in Ireland.

She has taught in higher education for eight years and is currently co-leader of the Middle East and North Africa research cluster at NTU. She regularly appears in the media, both nationally and internationally, commenting on the Syria crisis, Islamic State, al-Qaeda, US foreign policy and regional fragmentation in the Middle East. Natasha has featured on BBC Radio One, Reuters, The Independent, The Daily Express, RTE News, The Sunday Times Ireland, CNN, and NBC.

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