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Oliver Harrison

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Oliver Harrison

Oliver is a lecturer in Political Theory in the Division of Politics and International Relations. He is course leader for the MA Politics and teaches, and is module leader for a number of modules on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Oliver has a BA (Hons) Politics (NTU 2004), an MA in Social and Political Theory (Warwick 2006), and PhD in Politics (University of Nottingham 2011). Having originally been a student at NTU, he has taught political theory at NTU for over 10 years.

Oliver’s research interests center on theories of radical subjectivity, principally in the ‘post-Marxist’ tradition/s. His first single authored book, ‘Revolutionary Subjectivity in post-Marxist thought: Laclau, Negri, Badiou’ was published in 2014. His most recent publication is entitled ‘Occupy: ‘struggles for the common’ or an ‘anti-politics of dignity’?’, and this is due to be published in late 2016. Oliver is currently developing a new research project that seeks to rethink radical subjectivity in light of contemporary developments in ecological thought. He is an active member of the Ethics, Ecology and Identity research cluster.

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