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Ros Hague

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Ros Hague is a lecturer in Politics and International Relations in the School of Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University, responsible for the Women and Global Movements module.

Ros’s research covers two main areas: gender and the environment. Her book Autonomy and Identity: The Politics of Who We Are (Routledge, 2011) examined the political theory behind concepts of autonomy and identity in order to develop a new, feminist, understanding which sees autonomy as a process by which we change and develop our identity. The book featured illustrative examples drawn from a wide range of contemporary issues including pornography, domestic violence and citizenship, as well as discussions drawing on thinkers from the canon of political thought.

Ros continues to work on projects related to contemporary feminism, expanding on some of the themes developed in her book, namely the role of the imagination and attitudes to nature. This informs her second main area of research: an exploration of attitudes to nature from people who live and work with nature, and fictional representations of nature.

She teaches both feminism and environmental theory at final year undergraduate level and at postgraduate level.

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