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Mariana Mijares Contreras

Online MA International Relations

Two years ago, I left my life in Mexico City and my job as a communications manager to move to Europe. Since then, I have lived in four different countries: Slovenia, Germany, Austria and now The Netherlands. I had also created my own travel consultant agency and blog called Mint Flamingo. Nomadic life has been a great adventure, but it also comes with challenges and that is why I decided to pursue online education.

I have always been passionate about politics and the complex human relations between different cultures and ideologies. I had previously studied Communications and had interned for the First Lady of Mexico, and as my nomadic life began I realized I was really interested in understanding more about EU politics and beyond, as coming from Mexico previous my studies were more US-centric.

I moved to Europe for my husband's career, however I didn't want to put my life on hold while he was in his training program. As I mentioned, nomadic life has its challenges, therefore studying online was the perfect fit to my current lifestyle. I researched for both campus and online masters, and the Online MA in International Relations seemed to be the perfect fit since we were moving a lot, sometimes with just one week's notice, to a different country.

The conversations I had with the Admissions team were very clear and transparent, and I loved that. Also, the recognition both Nottingham Trent University and the course has drove me to choose to study with them online. The course has expanded my knowledge on politics and how the EU thinks, and this has made my integration in the countries I have lived much easier. It has also strengthened my writing skills and made me a much more critical thinker and better writer.

Studying online requires A LOT of discipline, and this course has taught me to be more strict with timelines and better structured. I believe that acquiring an Online MA in International Relations will help my career in furthering diplomatic relations and create better job opportunities in the future.

My personal advice to anyone considering enrolling on this course is to start a weekly schedule as soon as possible and try your hardest to stick to it, as this will help you stay focused as you progress through the course. I would recommend this online course to other nomads, like myself, who don't wish to halt their careers completely due to life's changes. The course is perfect for anyone who is currently working and therefore lacks the free time to enrol on a campus programme, but still desires to push their education even further with a Masters degree.

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