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Robyn Sewter, Derbyshire, UK

International Relations, MA (campus course)

“I have been politically active since I was 17 and wanted to develop my skillset in order to get a job in politics. Studying a master’s degree at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) helped me to secure a job working on the General Election campaign as a Local Organiser for the Labour Party.

I found the modules on the MA International Relations course to be of particular interest, as they were more diverse than at other universities. But for me, the lecturers are what makes this course a success. They each have a specialist region and a passion for their own focus. This means that whichever topic interests you in international relations, there is a professional who can guide you through your academic work and the dissertation module. All of the lecturers have gone out of their way to support us with assessments and understanding the modules. They are very helpful and approachable if you have a problem with anything.

I have worked part-time throughout my master’s degree for the Labour Party. Over the General Election period I was required to work full time, which required a lot of commitment to keep up with the course and the assessments. However, the lecturers were very understanding and supported me in this decision as it was a beneficial opportunity.

Over the last year, my research skills have really improved due to the level of study at masters level. This will really help me in the future as I am applying for positions which require research skills relating to legislation, policies and international situations.

Studying at postgraduate level has broadened my horizons and has made me conscious of how many different careers are available in research. I think that by doing a postgraduate degree I feel more confident to apply for graduate jobs. I really enjoy working in politics and on election campaigns, so I’d like a job in this sector. I would love to work for the European Parliament in the future as a researcher for legislation.”

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