Online MA International Relations: Tuition

Online MA International Relations estimated tuition

  • Cost per module: You can pay for this course in modular instalments. This currently works out at £720 per module, followed by two payments of £430 for the dissertation.
  • Total number of credits: 180
  • Total cost: £9,500
  • Other costs: The fee includes any online resources, including full access to the online learning platform, course materials and required digital reading materials. The fee does not include any personal expenses for new technical equipment or office supplies.

Fees are for the 2021/22 academic year intake and will not increase so long as you complete your studies within three years of enrolment.

What are my funding options?

Online postgraduate study is a major financial commitment. We want you to be completely aware of all the costs – and the support available – before becoming a student with us. There are a number of funding options available to help you, including loans, scholarships and employer reimbursement.

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