Advanced Strategic Management

Overview and aims

  • To further develop students’ understanding of the changes taking place in the global economy, based on their recently obtained knowledge from prior modules
  • To stimulate students’ interest in the dynamics and complexity of global strategic management given its multi-faceted nature and content
  • To equip students with advanced theories and analytical frameworks for the analysis, evaluation and synthesis of current global strategic issues and cases
  • To systematically improve students’ independent learning ability, critical thinking capacity and analytical skills, through the application of advanced theories and frameworks to selected case studies with individual reading and group activities

Module content

  • Week One: Introducing and elaborating the concepts of and the differences between globalisation, regionalisation and internationalisation
  • Week Two: The role of multinational companies from both industrialised economies and emerging economies
  • Week Three: The changes in technology and strategy, especially the advancement of telecommunication and internet technologies, and their impact on strategic thinking and business models
  • Week Four: The role and debate of entrepreneurship in international business, or international entrepreneurship (IE), cross-country analysis of IE using global entrepreneurship monitor (GEM) data and cases
  • Week Five: Cultural diversity and global prosperity: cultural analysis of international business and global strategy
  • Week Six: Global strategy for a sustainable world: corporate strategy and sustainability
  • Week Seven: Resource bases, dynamic capabilities, and organisational adaptation to global changes
  • Week Eight: Concluding the module with a critical review of the past, present and future of strategic decision making at the global level; assessment briefing and Q&A with FAQs

Learning outcomes

After studying this module you should be able to:


  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the concepts and associated theories of globalisation, regionalisation, and internationalisation
  • critically analyse the factors and variables influencing global strategic management and operations
  • systematically evaluate the formulation and implementation of global strategies by multinational companies from both industrialised and emerging economies
  • synthesise the analysis and evaluation to offer practical recommendations for international business practitioners to implement corporate and competitive strategies and make strategic changes

This module will help you gain the skills and qualities to:

  • independently study and review relevant concepts, theories and frameworks of global strategic management
  • apply advanced level of methods, either/both quantitative or/and qualitative, to analysis of global strategic management issues and cases
  • critically reflect on the complex and changing nature of global strategic management by identifying the links, or the missing links, in the conceptualisation and theorisation of global strategic management
  • report and present in confidence, in both academic writing and professional presentation, the analysis, findings, and discussion of the issues under investigation

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