Customer Engagement

Overview and aims

Customer engagement is a topic which represents a fundamental component of any effective business and or marketing strategy and impacts both private and public sector organisations. The topic of ‘customer engagement’ has been defined as ‘customer behaviours which “go beyond transactions, and may specifically be defined as a customer’s behavioural manifestations that have a brand or firm focus, beyond purchase resulting from motivational drivers” ’ (Verhoef et al., 2011).

In this module we critically examine a number of these behavioural manifestations:

  • to provide students with a critical understanding and appreciation of the various behavioural manifestations of customer engagement
  • to enable students to identify and critically evaluate relevant theories underpinning such customer behaviours
  • to consolidate and integrate the knowledge and understanding gained from this module with other associated marketing modules
  • to equip students with sufficient knowledge to be able to identify and manage these customer behaviours in their own or a related business environment

Module content

The module will specifically explore the following engagement behaviours in a retail and service context.

  • Responsible customer engagement: (e.g. ethical consumption, students as consumers, pawn broking, diversity and equality, misbehaviour)
  • Technology-enabled engagement : ‘e’ and ‘m’ commerce (ssts/IT service firms/social media/call centres)
  • Emotional or ‘creative’ engagement (working with the performing arts and fashion marketing for performance design; evaluation and interpersonal skills development)
  • Efficient and effective engagement (value, supply chain and multi-channel, service quality and loyalty)
  • ‘Leading’ customer engagement (skill sets, service orientation and customer service, cross cultural issues)

Learning outcomes

After studying this module you should be able to:

  • demonstrate the ability to critically apply relevant customer engagement theory to business practice
  • identify, analyse and reflect upon the critical success factors which make up an effective customer engagement strategy
  • critically discuss the importance of developing a customer engagement strategy within the context of the overall marketing strategy
  • demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of some of the key elements of customer engagement, including satisfaction and loyalty, emotional and ethical engagement, and ‘e’ customer relationships

This module will help you gain the skills and qualities to:

  • structure a written discussion in a coherent and convincing fashion
  • conduct research, analyse findings and present results relating to customer engagement strategies in an appropriate manner
  • exhibit reflective learning, managerial judgement and creativity in the application of customer engagement theory to a range of business/management contexts

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