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Fashion Branding and Communications

Overview and aims

Fashion branding supports consumer purchasing, and seeks to build and maintain consumer loyalty with the same company. Branding creates market awareness of fashion companies, and sets out to build an emotional relationship between consumers and organisations to underpin the consumption of global style and fashion. In a relatively short time, global retail and online sales environments have become increasingly homogeneous. Fashion organisations need to differentiate themselves from their competitors via branding strategies, and clearly communicate their unique product proposition to the consumer.

This module will explore how successful brands are built, managed, and sustained in an increasingly overcrowded and competitive global fashion market. Contemporary branding strategies include a broad spectrum of tactics to engage and retain consumers who are surrounded by marketing ‘noise’ twenty four hours a day. Diverse branding and communications strategies will be evaluated in online and physical environments, and from international perspectives during this module.

Module Aims

The module focuses on three core elements on the subject of branding, beginning with the knowledge and theoretical principles required to establish new fashion brands. You will then examine a broad range of management strategies to leverage brands to produce growth in both local and international fashion markets.

The module also aims to provide you with knowledge of traditional and emerging communication strategies which support the establishment of, and maintain, consumer awareness across all market levels, from private fashion labels to luxury brands. Your understanding of the subject will be further supported by a range of theoretical principles of branding and communications. The module aims to provide you with subject knowledge and skills to produce strategic and creative solutions for fashion brands.

This module aims to enable you to:

  • apply branding principles, practice, and theory to create and establish fashion brands
  • apply specialised research methods to determine and evaluate creative branding and communications solutions and concepts
  • develop subject knowledge to effectively manage fashion brands in a local and global arena
  • determine opportunities to leverage fashion brands via a range of brand growth strategies
  • undertake critical debate in cultural, ethical, and social contexts to inform international branding and communications strategies

Module content

This module examines the creation, management, and communications of international fashion brands.

This module will examine:

  • Managing fashion brands
    • Brand as organisation
    • Building fashion brands – differentiation, USP, psychographic segmentation, positioning, competitor analysis
    • Brand values and brand personality
    • Brand leveraging – brand extension, re-positioning, co-branding
    • Brand internationalisation
    • Building brand loyalty
    • On- and offline brand strategies, tools and technologies
    • Measuring brand equity
    • Branding theory – Identity structure, the self-expression model, the relationship basis model, the functional benefit representation model
  • Brand communication strategies
    • Semiotics
    • VM
    • On- and offline brand communication strategies – social media, blogs, vlogs
    • Advertising
    • Fashion promotion – e.g. fashion shows
    • Brand associations – charities, the arts, music, sports
    • Brand ambassadors
    • PR
    • Communications theory – stimulus response theory, SMCR model of communication, diffusion of innovations theory, agenda setting theory

Learning outcomes

After studying this module you should be able to:

  • articulate a critical understanding of the practice, principles, theories and conceptual frameworks used to create and manage international fashion brands
  • demonstrate proficiency in the use of specialised research methods to determine innovative branding and communications solutions and concepts
  • develop a critical understanding of the role of fashion brand management in the global context
  • demonstrate the ability to make recommendations for organisational growth based on an understanding of the imperative of the balance between creativity, risk and commerce
  • critically debate and demonstrate an international awareness and appreciation of social and cultural diversity, and apply to fashion branding and communications strategic models

This module will help you gain the skills and qualities to:

  • synthesise and analyse a variety of relevant data used in diverse contexts to support effective decision making in fashion branding and communications management
  • communicate key issues and arguments using appropriate technologies relevant to industry and audience, and to a professional standard
  • make informed decisions and exercise judgement for fashion brands when faced with a range of alternative courses of action
  • employ innovative, creative and strategic approaches to problem solving and ideas generation

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