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Online Courses

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Online Master of Business Administration with Data Analytics

Secure a big future in big data

In this day and age, data is very easy to gather and store; it’s knowing what to do with it that presents an obstacle. Studies have shown that one in three business leaders do not know how to transform their data into meaningful intelligence, according to IBM ‘The Four V's of Big Data’. The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Data Analytics from Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), is designed to help you unlock that ability.

This course is designed for accomplished middle managers seeking more senior, strategic roles, helping to give them an edge over other business managers by providing contemporary data analytics expertise.

Specifically, our online MBA with Data Analytics course will strengthen your:

  • management knowledge and leadership capabilities
  • understanding of global business
  • ability to use big data to influence strategic decisions and drive businesses forward

By the end of the course, you will be in prime position to lead your organisation to success using enhanced strategic knowledge and experience and a new data-analytics skill set.

Demand for big data staff is set to increase by up to 23% per annum over the next five years. (e-skills UK Big Data Analytics SAS report 2012-2017)

Learning by doing

Studies have shown that the best way of learning is by doing. This is why NTU’s data analytics course is characterised by its experiential learning style, with an emphasis on business simulations, case study projects and a unique experiential teaching methodology.

With the help of our committed, acclaimed and hard-working teaching staff, you will be able to apply your knowledge to real-life scenarios and make first-hand observations about the impact of big data on business strategy.

A career-boosting skill set

Throughout our online MBA with Data Analytics, you’ll gain an understanding of the entire life cycle of big data: capturing, organising, analysing, drawing conclusions and taking action to gain leverage or competitive advantage.

There is a real and increasing need for business managers with strategic data expertise, and this is exemplified by the fact that data scientists can earn salaries approximately 20% higher than their contemporaries within the IT industry. (e-skills UK Big Data Analytics SAS report 2012-2017)

This course will give you the data analytics training you need to answer strategically important questions and use big data to facilitate innovation within your organisation. It will also provide you with a highly coveted set of skills that will be extremely attractive to prospective employers.

Learn more about the MBA with Data Analytics curriculum.

Career opportunities

Graduates from our data analytics courses have found employment as senior managers in a variety of national and international organisations, along with more specific roles as data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, data architects and business intelligence analysts.

According to a report from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for data scientists is set to grow by 11% up to 2024, higher than the 7% average occupation growth rate.

Our online MBA with Data Analytics will help you to:

  • understand the importance of data analytics in modern business
  • use big data to answer strategically important questions, linking big data to innovation and driving businesses forward
  • understand global contemporary issues, conceptual frameworks and strategic business models and how they can be used to guide leadership activities and develop effective and responsible action
  • adapt your knowledge and experience to a variety of complex organisational settings
  • evaluate issues of ethics and sustainability and how they can affect the activities of organisations

Why study an MBA with Data Analytics at Nottingham Business School?

  • There is an academic focus on responsible and sustainable leadership throughout the course.
  • Our experiential learning methodology makes our MBA courses more effective than other MBAs.
  • Our courses are tailored to your particular professional and personal goals.
  • The flexible online structure of our courses gives you a number of ways to interact with the curriculum while working around your existing commitments.

Become an effective and responsible leader

This course will mould you into an effective and responsible leader with enhanced strategic knowledge and the ability to use big data to fuel major business decisions. You’ll leave us with a set of practical, highly transferrable skills that will make you an enticing prospect for recruiters looking to use data more effectively and strategically.

You can also choose to study a Core MBA or an MBA with Fashion Management.

Start your journey today
To learn more about our online Master of Business Administration with Data Analytics, please complete our online form or call the admissions office on 0800 032 1180 (UK) or +44 (0)115 941 8419 (International).