Global Marketing Management

Overview and aims

  • To enable students to reflect critically on the nature of marketing and its continuing relevance to the 21st-Century global business world.
  • To foster a heightened critical awareness in students of both the extent of marketing’s scope and key contemporary marketing issues.
  • To allow students to explore the complexity of the marketing environment and develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the implications of external and internal factors on marketing decision making.
  • To encourage students to apply appropriate academic theories, frameworks, models and tools with confidence in order to develop suitable marketing responses to organisational problems.

Module content

  • Marketing definition, marketing concept and market orientation
  • Relevance/role of marketing in different business contexts
  • Contemporary marketing issues
  • Marketing planning process
  • Researching the marketing environment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Consumer buying behaviour
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Marketing mix decisions
  • Brand management
  • Impact of ethics/corporate social responsibility on marketing mix decisions
  • Marketing in the global economy

Learning outcomes

After studying this module you should be able to:

  • demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of both the nature and scope of traditional marketing and key contemporary marketing issues
  • exhibit a critical awareness of the complexity of both the competitive environment and buyer decision making processes and how these are likely to impact on marketing decision making
  • identify and justify appropriate marketing theories, frameworks and tools to underpin an organisation’s response to a given marketing challenge
  • critically evaluate the impact of pursuing an international/global marketing strategy on the management and development of the organisation’s brands
  • demonstrate understanding and critical awareness of the impact of ethical and sustainable practices on the discipline

This module will help you gain the skills and qualities to:

  • demonstrate expertise in the application of suitable marketing tools and techniques in response to specific organisational marketing needs
  • exhibit managerial judgment and creativity in producing marketing decisions and recommendations within tight deadlines

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