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Hashima Hamid

Online MBA

My name is Hashima, I grew up in Hong Kong. The study of fashion was my pursuit of a creative career since I was young.

I have been in this industry for many years, and luckily, I have gained international work experience in product development and merchandising. Due to my job nature, understanding and forecasting fashion trends are a considerable skill, as there is always a need to predict which trend forecast suits best. Over the years as the ever-changing technologies are influencing fashion, our lifestyles are rapidly evolved from tradition as well. There is a new trend in the prevalence of e-learning and I strongly believe the forecast of higher education lies with emerging new technologies and supporting tools to increase the capacity to learn.

Jobs are becoming more complex which requires new knowledge and skills to be developed as we need to prepare for new situations and challenges all the time. Our past experiences to deal with these matters are not enough; we need to leap ahead, adapt and know how to manage these unforeseeable problems. Online learning is giving me the greatest opportunity to enhance my knowledge to confront these complex circumstances. Compared with traditional on-campus study, e-learning is providing me with flexibility as I can take the class online without traveling away from home. This self-paced learning experience allows me to start at any time and arrange my schedule to meet my individual need.

Throughout my career, I have had a lot of opportunities to lead my teammates to achieve the company’s requested targets. I have developed my leadership skills, and my achievements are proof of this success. Fashion has changed a lot over the years, and the demand in global sourcing is getting more competitive. We are not only competing for time, cost, capacity, inventory, and the choice of sustainable stakeholders, we have to thoughtfully consider the business growth. I am hoping to obtain more knowledge and new skills through e-learning so I can enhance my creativity and managerial skills to become a “think outside the box” leader for business development.

I had heard of Nottingham Trent University already, as they have high standards, comprehensive and a good reputation for fashion programs for students. The skills from Financial Management and Operations Management are constructive to accommodate understanding of the economic fluctuations and flexibilities. The Professional Development and Leadership, Organisations and People Management and Responsible Leadership modules are providing me with the groundwork and knowledge for my management enhancement. Through the participation of discussion boards, I understand the topics more thoroughly and from different perspectives, by reading posts from my classmates. This is a very interactive learning process compared with traditional teaching models.

I highly recommend the Online MBA course to people who see lifetime learning as part of their career development plan. You can undertake any learning challenges if you are highly motivated, eager to obtain new knowledge and skills, and stay focused to make the impossible possible!