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Maria Agius

Online MBA with Data Analytics

My name is Maria Agius, an Electrical Engineer, who graduated at a local university in my home country Malta, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  I’ve been employed with a local telecoms company for the past nine years.  In these 9 years I’ve covered various roles with different technical teams in the company.

Having been a science student all my life, I always missed the business acumen.  This particular course MBA with Data Analytics presented the perfect cross for me, a mix of business and technical.  I’ve always believed that having these two pillars is essential in today’s world, where technology is everywhere.

I came across this course while researching for masters in the area of data analytics; it was the perfect match to what I wanted, a mix of business and technology. Choosing to study online instead of on campus was more related to my personal commitments, and having to stop a full-time job to further my studies.  By following an online course, I can still manage to keep up with my schedule.

The course material is accessible 24/7 so I can shift my studies according to my personal commitments.  I even pull up the course material on my phone at any point during the day.  It is also assignment based which for me is a plus, as I find I learn more this way. I can juggle studying with my busy personal schedule.

The course has given me a whole new perspective on work in general, being able to understand different realities and how these can be applied even in the smallest things I do on a day-to-day basis.  You learn a lot from others and from the course material itself. 

It has also helped me set personal and career goals and plans, with a commitment to see them through.  I hope this accreditation helps me achieve my goals in all aspects of life.

It takes determination and self-discipline to get through but the support system that exists at Nottingham Trent makes it a breeze.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone like me who is techy and business minded with a busy schedule, looking for a milestone.

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