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Muhammad Basil Mughal

Online MBA with Data Analytics

I am a Pakistani living and working in Saudi Arabia. I currently work for the fisheries sector, implementing a food security program through the development of the aquaculture sector. I started my career as an IT administrator but was fortunate enough to work in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation earlier in my career. It fostered an interest in me to work in the food security sector, and through hard work and some luck I worked my way up to becoming a Business Development Manager for the country's top fisheries entity, where I help to develop the industry through policy changes and to ensure that environmental protection laws are followed.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, as well certifications from Microsoft and CISCO. I always felt I wanted to learn new things, so I would always sign up for various online courses just to keep myself updated with the latest happenings in the tech world. Eventually I felt that it was time to start working towards my Masters. I wanted a programme which would help me navigate professional settings regardless of what sector I was working in. I also wanted to learn the fundamentals of management, which would help me progress in my current profession and any future occupation I might choose.

I was motivated to get into the fisheries industry because it has a huge impact on the local people working in it, as well as on a global scale. I believe this industry has the ability to change people's lives and if we don't prepare for climate change and the impact it will have, there will be dire consequences. I wanted to study online as it would help me maintain my current life and responsibilities, all the while ensuring that I get quality education. I believe that online education is the future and every day the quality is improving, as well as its reputation in the professional world.

I did a lot of research before choosing Nottingham Trent University. It’s hard to choose a university, especially when you are looking to study online because there are many universities offering "similar" programmes at a cheaper rate. But when choosing a university to study online, don't choose based on the price but on the programme and reputation. This is where I believe NTU beats out a lot of their competition, with a high-quality Online MBA that is double accredited by AMBA and EQUIS. In the end, there was no comparison to other universities.

Although the study is online there is a lot of interaction within our cohort, through discussion boards, group assignments and email. The professors are always an email away and their replies are very timely. One of the aspects I was looking forward to the most was the ability to apply what I would learn in my studies to my professional life. This is something that has truly differentiated an online course from the traditional method. Every day I learn something that I can apply on a problem I am facing in my career.

This course has helped me in everyday decision making; I feel like the more I study the more the veil is lifted, helping me to understand more the fundamentals of why things are the way they are and what can be done to change and improve the status quo.

My advice to anyone looking for an Online MBA with Data Analytics is that you will not find a better programme. This course keeps you motivated and engaged through weekly schedules and provides you with the resources to meet your challenges and learn effectively. It has a great platform for engagement and great staff too. I feel like this course will continue to help me understand the world around me and how I can improve myself, not just in my current role but also in any future career I am fortunate enough to work in.

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