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Online Courses: MBA

Nottingham Trent University

Telephone UK: 0800 032 1180 Intl: +44 (0)115 941 8419

William Walker

Online MBA

I am currently working in Dubai as a Senior Program Manager for Smiths Detection. I have overall responsibility for the Program Management of the Hold Baggage Screening System (HBSS) and the Passenger Baggage Screening System (PBSS) Projects for Abu Dhabi Airport’s Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) Project, which is currently the largest airport development project in the Middle East. My career background is primarily in Project Management working on projects in the UK, Qatar, UAE and Canada.

I’m at a juncture in my career where if I do not challenge myself to further develop my management style and business knowledge then I run a high risk of plateauing in my current management level.

My work requires me to travel on a frequent basis as well as attend construction site activities/meetings as and when required. The Online course provides me with the flexibility I need to commit to my current workload while at the same time compete my course studies at a time suitable for me to do so.

From the very start of the course I was able to apply the lessons learned into the workplace. I’ve gained confidence within the workplace from the knowledge gained and my network within the organization has grown considerably since the course started, as I’ve reached out to other departments to collaborate with them through my understanding of how the overall organization is managed.

The course has exposed me to other elements of the business that I would not have normally had the time and/or inclination to study. The more I’ve been studying though, the more I’ve been able to appreciate the processes that other departments must adhere to and this has allowed me to break away from a silo mentality and see the bigger picture helping me to overcome day-to-day challenges.

The user friendly interface and access to the course module lessons and library are the best features. Overall though it’s the fact that I can access the course anytime I want to. Not just the current module but previous modules as well. I really hadn’t accounted for the advantage of being able to tap into a private tutorial 24/7. That’s been the best feature by far.

The social interaction is obviously virtual but the friendships that are forming via the course discussions forums and our cohort’s Whatsapp group chats have been an added bonus.

NTU’s AACSB and ACCA accreditation, the fact that the course was 100% online and the overall pace of the course all added up to my selection of NTU as my preferred option for an Online MBA. Within Smiths Detection I see this Online MBA as a guarantee for securing a management role. As I go further into the course, the more I’m becoming aware that my current career path in project management may not be what I want to be doing.

My advice is don’t hesitate. Whatever the reasons you may have for taking an MBA, what you may not realize is the full extent of the personal development that comes from taking the course. I wish I had taken the course earlier in my career!

I would recommend the Online MBA to anyone in or aspiring towards a leadership management role in an organization.

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