Construction Health and Safety

Overview and aims

The Construction Health and Safety module introduces you to the importance of health and safety during planning and execution of construction projects. The module has an overall aim of introducing you to the need for proactive health and safety management within the built environment. It provides a breadth of underpinning knowledge to enable construction professionals to discharge their duties by identifying hazards and advising on in risk management processes.

Module content

  • Introduction to health and safety in construction and its impact on the design and management of construction projects
  • Understanding the effects of the physical and occupational health hazards and their control during design and construction
  • Health and Safety at work, etc. Act 1974 and other relevant legislations such as CDM Regulations 2015, Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999, Working at Height Regulations, Confined Spaces Regulations, Corporate Manslaughter, etc.
  • Examination of effective health and safety cultures through effective health and safety management systems
  • Health, safety and welfare issues during construction projects

Learning outcomes

  • critically discuss and apply health and safety legislation
  • discuss and critically evaluate moral, economical, legal and social aspects of health and safety management
  • critically discuss behavioural aspects associated with risks and responses to safety initiatives
  • critically appraise solutions for safe construction system within a project context.

The Construction Health and Safety module will help you gain the skills and qualities to:

  • collect and integrate information and data from various sources
  • analyse, evaluate and interpret complex factual information and relevant issues in a systematic, critical and creative manner, and evaluate alternative processes and/or measure against relative criteria; making logical recommendations based on analysis, information and circumstances
  • effectively communicate information, ideas and concepts in a clear and articulate style, including the use of information technologies and systems where appropriate
  • apply study and research skills and act autonomously in planning, organising and executing your personal academic and professional development.

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