Corporate Strategy and Finance

Overview and aims

  • Provide an enhanced understanding of the complex economic and financial environments within which construction organisations operate
  • Develop your understanding of the strategic requirements and capabilities required to plan and manage a business in complex environments
  • Develop necessary skills and strengths to enable you to analyse construction company accounts financially, such as to diagnose specific financial problem areas within such companies and to prescribe satisfactory financially-based solutions for them
  • Provide you with frameworks that can be used to assess and compare practical aids to decision making in business

Module content

Business Environment

  • Business strategy overview and the strategic management process: Environmental analysis of the construction context, internal organisational analysis, construction market analysis and marketing, strategic options selection, implementation and managing change
  • National and organisational, social and cultural perceptions of construction-related industries and professions, ethics and corporate social responsibility


  • Financial analysis and planning: Analysis and evaluation of financial statements. Financial planning in recessionary, inflationary and cyclical environments including influences on construction companies
  • Corporate financial management: Working capital cost of capital and capital markets. Risk measurement and portfolio performance
  • International business: Financing requirements of national, international and multinational construction companies
  • Financial planning and control of a construction-based project
  • Estimating, planning and controlling the total investment. Cash flow prediction and management

Learning outcomes

After studying this module you should be able to:

  • critically evaluate the complex economic and financial environments within which construction organisations operate
  • critically analyse and discuss construction company situations, specific financial problems and financially-based solutions
  • discuss and review the substantive aspects of business strategy
  • determine and review strategic capabilities required to plan and manage a business in a multiplicity of complex environments and organisation structures.

This module will help you gain the skills and qualities to:

  • collect and integrate information and data from various sources
  • analyse, evaluate and interpret complex factual information and relevant issues in a systematic, critical and creative manner, and evaluate alternative processes and/or measure against relative criteria; making logical recommendations based on analysis, information and circumstances
  • identify, define, critically evaluate and propose solutions to complex problems, including generation of new ideas, innovations, and concepts where appropriate
  • effectively communicate information, ideas and concepts in a clear and articulate style, including the use of information technologies and systems where appropriate.

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