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Boost your employment opportunities as a Construction Project Manager

In 2017, 144 skyscrapers – officially recognised as buildings measuring 200m (656ft) or taller – were built around the world, more than any other year on record. It’s the fourth year in a row that this number has been exceeded, which reflects the continuing success of the global construction industry as a whole.  

To meet demand and keep the momentum going, this flourishing sector needs fresh talent in construction project management. According to the Construction Skills Network, the UK construction industry alone will need 4,310 construction project managers every year from 2017-2021. 

So, employment opportunities for construction project managers are undoubtedly plentiful, and can be found in certain areas of the world in particular, including Australia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and here in the UK. The right skills and experience are crucial for a career in construction project management, but with such opportunity on offer, it pays to maximise your ability and gain a professional advantage in other ways too.

Lay foundations with key industry players

For example, your time spent studying construction project management can also be time spent building industry links that could prove invaluable in your future career. 

Learning directly from experts within the field and hearing from speakers at the forefront of cutting-edge technological and philosophy-based developments, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lean Project Production provides invaluable experience. A faculty formed of industry specialists and research group leaders not only enhances your understanding of key topics but also gives you the chance to forge impactful professional connections. 

That’s not to overlook your fellow students; those you learn alongside can also offer rich scope for networking. Widely well-regarded industry degree courses, such as our Online MSc in Construction Project Management, tend to attract a high calibre of learner, many of whom may have links to top multinational firms. In recent years, our on-campus construction graduates have gone on to secure roles with some of the world’s biggest construction companies, including Balfour Beatty, Deloitte, and Turner & Townsend. 

Earn the exact skills construction employers are looking for  

A course like our Online MSc covers a wealth of essential construction knowledge, technical skills and leadership expertise, enabling you to reach a range of high-level managerial roles. The experience you’ll gain can open up opportunities throughout construction management, such as site engineer, building surveyor and cost manager.

Having said that, if your aim is to become a construction project manager specifically, you may want to bear in mind that some employers will be more likely to consider applicants with a construction project management degree, even if they have decades of experience in the field. Within some companies, a degree in a related subject or a non-industry specific project management qualification may not help you stand out; so, if this is the career path you want to follow, be sure to choose your degree carefully.

Become part of a thriving construction community

The career-boosting benefits of your construction course shouldn’t end the moment you graduate. With the right degree, you should have ample opportunity to expand on the professional network you make during your studies, even after you complete the course.

All of our construction graduates, regardless of whether they study online or on campus, are welcomed into our alumni group, an active community of industry-facing professionals who have progressed their own careers in construction since graduating. With access to an online database of top job listings, three years’ worth of ongoing career advice and invitations to attend exclusive construction events, becoming an alumni member can help you enrich your connections to the wider industry and secure the construction role you’re aiming for.  

There’s more to giving yourself the best chance of construction project management success than simply gaining the relevant skills and expertise. The links you make during and after your studies can be just as crucial in enabling you to reach the next stage of your career.

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