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Nottingham Trent University

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How will an MBA help me achieve my goals?

An Online MBA offers the ideal platform to enable our students to gain the vital exposure and experience they need to make a significant impact in the business world.

Not only do course modules further your knowledge and harness your leadership skills, they encourage an entrepreneurial mindset which can be applied to your current role and help you flourish in your career.

From a personalised learning approach through to the use of experiential study, NTU’s Online MBA will equip you with the vital skills you need to help you achieve your goals.

So, whether you are a manager looking to progress into a more senior role within your workplace, or a senior manager in pursuit of the next step within your organisation, here's how our Online MBA can help you achieve both your professional and personal aims.

A personalised learning approach

Here at NTU, we understand that every student embarking on our Online MBA is unique and has their own career aspirations and professional goals. Therefore, the course provides a personalised approach to learning to facilitate this. We offer 3 flexible and specialist ways to learn:

  • Online MBA – 2.5 year of contemporary business strategy and leadership through real-life, experiential techniques and mentoring
  • Online MBA Fast Track - Accelerate your learning outcomes with a condensed 18 months Online MBA
  • Online MBA Data Analytics - Harness the power of big data to influence strategy in your organisation

Our Online MBA course options are focused on giving our students complete convenience and flexibility. We are aware that our students lead busy lives and are working professionals, and the course modules enable students to take their learnings and apply them to their individual careers.

The curriculum consists of nine core modules and a Business Research Project module. As part of the project module, our students can research their own business or company, while developing their understanding of the processes involved in designing and conducting research. Other core modules such as Professional and Leadership Development allow students to create their own personalised development plans with the support of their tutors.

You can also choose either four MBA modules or four Data Analytics modules, based on your own preferences. The MBA modules alone cover such specialised topics as:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Managing Creativity and Innovation
  • Reconfiguring the Human Resource Management Function
  • Advanced Strategic Management

This tailored approach allows students to apply what they learn on the course to their own career aspirations to help them achieve their professional goals.

Flexible modules which complement your lifestyle

Alongside our Online MBA's personalised learning approach is the flexible delivery of its online modules and the course options available to our students.

At NTU we pride ourselves on offering our students flexible course specialisms to completely personalise their learning experience, and this is reflected in our MBA course options. All equally weighted, each course option offers a convenient and flexible approach to online learning.

Delivering the same dynamic range of course modules as the core MBA course, the Online MBA Fast Track offers the appeal of accelerated learning and can be completed within 18 months.

From interactive assignments to video lectures, each course option includes these formats and provides a number of ways for students to interact with the course modules, unlocking great flexibility and convenience for working professionals to study in a way that compliments their busy lifestyles.

The flexible delivery of modules together with a fully personalised learning approach helps our students to successfully achieve their professional and personal goals.

The value of learning through experience

Whether you are new to an organisation or a business professional with many years' experience within your role, nothing compares to the process of hands-on learning within our Online MBA syllabus.

The process of learning through experience equips students with the underpinning knowledge to help inform decisions within the workplace and can lead to increased levels of success within a business.

This crucial knowledge gained within the course arms students with the understanding and skills they need to inform decision-making and explain why key decisions have been made. This knowledge stems from the enriching processes of experiential learning and helps make professionals stand out in the workplace and progress in their careers.

Reignite your creative spark

If your goal is to harness and reignite your creative spark within your current role, the Managing Creativity and Innovation module will help you achieve just that.

Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and designed to reignite creativity in our students' careers, this module explores a range of concepts and is perfect for individuals that may not have had the ability to explore these areas within their current roles.

Through theories of innovation including dominant design, S curve and punctuated equilibrium, the module content introduces students to a range of concepts which harness creativity, innovative thinking and encourages them to think 'entrepreneurially'.

Not only does the Managing Creativity and Innovation module help build and develop strategic thinking and creativity, it also expands student's horizons and encourages these perspectives to be applied to their professional roles.

"I am hoping to obtain more knowledge and new skills through e-learning so I can enhance my creativity and managerial skills to become a "think outside the box" leader for business," says Online MBA student, Hashima Hamid.

Applying learning to be more entrepreneurial

If your goal is to adopt more entrepreneurial thinking within your current company, our Online MBA will fully support this and help you apply this approach to achieve your goal.

The Online MBA offers a perfect platform to use the knowledge gained from the course modules to become more entrepreneurial with your approach, while developing a fresh perspective and flair to apply to your current role. Optional MBA modules such as Managing Creativity and Innovation encourage students to explore contemporary developments in innovation and to view creativity and innovation in the workplace as a managed process and a valued strategic resource.

Perhaps you are looking to adopt a fresh entrepreneurial approach to your current role or looking to implement key process changes within your organisation? Either way, the knowledge gained from the Online MBA can help you achieve this.

From harnessing creativity and innovation to practical, hands-on learning and applying an entrepreneurial approach to your role, our Online MBA can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about your Online MBA and need further information or support, our Admissions team are available to answer any questions you might have. Contact them today to find out more.