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Project managers in demand as global construction industry booms

If you’re thinking about investing in online learning to further your career, you may be wondering what kind of opportunities an online degree could open up to you.

For those looking to advance in the construction industry, there is currently huge global demand for skilled and qualified managers. What’s more, this demand for project management talent is predicted to continue to 2027 and potentially beyond.

Thanks to massive investment in infrastructure in many countries around the world and growing attrition rates, the construction industry is booming and more and more companies are in need of proficient project leaders. For newcomers to the industry and experienced construction project managers alike, the time to take advantage of this skills shortage is now.

Construction project managers are needed – but where?

We know there is an international demand for construction project managers, but which are the countries with the most opportunity?

As a qualified construction project manager, your next job could take you to one of these flourishing construction hot spots:

United Kingdom construction project management demand

As the private homebuilding sector continues to grow in the UK, the Construction Skills Network (CSN) predicts that there will be an increasing number of construction project managers needed between 2017 and 2021. Their 2017 report forecasts that there will be 960 new project manager positions each year in the UK construction industry during this timeframe.

Key areas for UK construction project management roles include Wales, London, the South West and the North West.

Construction project management in UK

Australia construction project management demand

Australia is also experiencing a surge in construction. The government has invested heavily in the country’s infrastructure to motivate the economy and create jobs. This has paid off – at the start of 2017, there were over 9,000 construction project management jobs country-wide, with concentrations in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. 

The Australian Visa Bureau also lists construction project manager as a profession currently in demand by Australian employers.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) construction project management demand

Dubai, the largest city in the UAE, is a hub of construction activity - now more so than ever as the city prepares for the Dubai World Expo in 2020. Infrastructure and real estate are both priorities in the run up to the event.

Over the next ten years, the construction industry in Dubai is predicted to generate about 170,000 direct and indirect jobs, including construction project management positions.

USA construction project management demand

Randstad has named ‘construction project manager’ as one of their five best jobs for 2017 in the US engineering sector.

Most of the construction project management jobs here are located in large or growing urban areas, such as New York, Washington and Augusta on the East coast, and San Francisco and Seattle on the West coast.

India construction project management demand

Second only to agriculture, construction is one of the biggest industries in India, employing over 35 million people. There are several flagship government programmes which will continue to expand the industry up to 2020 and beyond, including residential and energy projects.

Reports project a development rate of eight percent every year for the next decade within the Indian construction industry.

A global trend

In addition to this projected growth of the construction industry in these key countries, the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) latest report has identified a rocketing global demand for project management talent across a number of project-oriented sectors, including construction.

Across all the countries analysed, which includes the five we’ve looked at here, the report predicts more project manager positions in the manufacturing and construction sectors than any other – 9.7 million to be exact. While many of these will become available as large numbers of project managers approach retirement, but there are also predicted to be a high volume of newly-created positions.

These findings exceed the huge project management job growth predicted by the PMI’s previous report, published in 2013.

Our chart shows the PMI’s expected number of job openings for project managers in project-oriented sectors in the above five construction hot spots from 2017 to 2027:

Job Openings by Country

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