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Returning to education: what do I need to know?

You have completed your application, are set to enroll on your online postgraduate degree and are eagerly awaiting the start of your first module. We can’t wait to welcome you as a new student and we’re looking forward to supporting you throughout your course.

Perhaps you have never studied an online course before, or you may have graduated some years ago and are returning to postgraduate study to help progress in your career. Or, you may have recently graduated and are taking an online postgraduate course as the natural next step in your educational journey.

Whichever route brought you to enrolling on your online postgraduate degree, returning to education is an exciting next step and will unlock a host of opportunities for you in your career.

Ahead of you starting your first module, we have compiled some useful advice to help answer any last-minute queries you may have.

Academic writing: preparation

Whether you have had a gap in your studies or are a recent graduate, academic writing will be an important part of your success during your online course.

Being able to write academically is something that can be learnt and finetuned over time and to help, you’ll have the chance to complete a warm up diagnostic essay prior to your course starting.

The purpose of this essay is to help you get back into all elements of academic writing, familiarise yourself with constructing an academic piece and to provide an opportunity to receive useful feedback that you can take forward into your studies. The 500-word essay is unmarked and offers the chance for you to write about a subject relating to your chosen online course.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Once you are registered, you will have access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which offers a wealth of useful information that you’ll be able to explore and get used to before your course starts.

You’ll also be able to look up key dates and deadlines for your assignments, which will help you organise your time and gain an awareness of what you can expect from your course modules.

The ‘Meet and Greet’ section is a great opportunity to meet the fellow students you’ll be interacting with throughout your course, as well as a good way to settle in.

The VLE is designed to enable students to not only connect, but to swap ideas and support each other. You’ll be able to speak regularly with your course faculty and have the chance to consistently communicate with each of the support mechanisms available to you.

Support throughout your online studies

It’s completely natural to be experiencing feelings of self-doubt ahead of starting your online degree. Doubting your abilities is normal at this point and feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’ are completely common.

However, with effective time management, planning and expectation management, together with the support mechanisms in place at NTU, you are set for success.

There are numerous resources and support mechanisms in place at NTU to help you throughout your studies.

Your Student Services Coordinator is on-hand throughout your studies to support and address any concerns you might have, as well as your faculty course tutor, who will offer feedback throughout your course. There is also 24/7 technical support available to you, so you are armed with all the tools you need to be fully supported throughout your learning experience.

Some self-care tips such as maintaining a healthy balance between work, home-life and study time will also help. Confiding in those close to you and taking part in stress-relieving activities like walking or attending the gym are useful self-care tips ahead of you starting your online course.

Funding your online degree

If the costs of your postgraduate study are being contributed to by your employer, ensure you regularly check-in and update them of your progress. This can be an additional source of support and is an opportunity to discuss your success with them too.

If you are self-funding your online course, you are able to manage your course fees through installments. This makes funding your online degree manageable and gives you the opportunity to plan.

Online degree success

While embarking on an online degree will require commitment and hard work, you will be fully supported throughout your studies and receive all the tools required to help you succeed. Whether you are returning to online study, continuing your education or studying online for the first time, feeling apprehensive to begin with is normal. However, you will receive the highest level of support from the time you apply through to the day you graduate, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

If you are all set to embark on your online course and you’re looking for further information or support, contact a member of our Admissions team if you have any questions or need further information.