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How to boost your fashion career

The fashion industry is big business valued at an estimated $3 trillion. In such a commercially driven world you need to be business-minded. Experience matters and throughout the fashion industry there are clearly defined career paths for you to take. However, increasingly big brands and top designers are looking for people with the qualifications and strategic skills to really make a difference to their business.

If you want to advance your fashion management career, as a consultant, director or international manager, you may be wondering how to do this – studying online for an MBA is one such way. We’ve explored why this could be your next best move:

How will studying for an MBA boost my career?

  1. You’ll have proof of your skills in fashion management. Our MBA has modules focus on the skills required in the fashion industry such as Global Marketing ManagementManaging Creativity and Innovation and Business Information and Decision Making.
  2. You can keep on the fashion career ladder while you learn. Once you have your foot in the door in the fashion industry, few people wish to step back. The fashion industry is a highly competitive and fast moving sector. Part time study will enable you to keep up with those changes, and keep in touch with your established networks. Many roles ask for on the job experience so working while studying will mean you can tick both the academic and vocational requirements.  
  3. You’ll be able to put your enhanced fashion management knowledge into practice immediately. Your career instantly starts to benefit as you gain new skills on a day by day basis through your online learning. 
  4. You can study from anywhere in the world. The fashion industry is very geographically focussed upon areas such as London, New York, Paris and Milan and manufacturing hubs like China, Vietnam, East Europe and the Philippines. Studying online means that you can access information from any of these locations and your fashion career needn’t be hampered by visiting campus.
  5. You’ll grow your international fashion contact book. The fashion industry is very relationship-driven, often being a case of ‘it’s who you know’. Online learning brings people together from all over the world, giving you a wealth of experience to draw upon and a robust network to call upon in the future. 
  6. Your employer will benefit too. Studying for the Online MBA means that your employer not only gets to keep you working while you are studying, they can also benefit from your enhanced skills. This includes increasing your capability in areas such as responsible leadership and operations management and leading entrepreneurial concepts to sustain organisations for the future.
  7. Further education shows you what you are capable of. Managing work alongside studying requires organisation, self-discipline and bags of energy, even with a virtual learning environment that’s designed to help you at every step of the way. When you graduate from your online course, you’ll realise what you can do when you set your mind to it – valuable life-long skills for the future.

Your fashion career starts here

The MBA gives you a wide-ranging learning experience, accelerating the development of your career. By studying online, you not only get the academic qualification to clearly demonstrate what you know but also the holistic on the job training that is so vital in an industry such as fashion.

If you feel that the Online MBA is for you – get in touch today.