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Machine learning opportunities on the rise

New employment statistics show there has never been a better time to learn about machine learning, one of the key modules on our Online MBA with Data Analytics course.  

Research has shown that the number of jobs associated with machine learning is growing at a huge rate – but without the necessary amount of people with the required skills to fill the demand.

Stats from job site reveal that 60 (per million) of the jobs posted on its site in 2014 were related to either artificial intelligence or machine learning. By the end of last year that number had rocketed to 150 jobs (per million) posted. However, there is a skills gap, with a predicted shortage of one million data analysts by 2018.

Not only is there the demand for skilled data analysts, the future looks to be bright for those considering careers that will sustain in the coming years. With the rise of voice recognition technology and the latest must-have gadgets like self-driving cars, the era of machine learning is upon us.

Machine learning is when computer algorithms are used to autonomously learn from data and information. To enable these machines to grow in intelligence and capability, data analysis is required.

On our Online MBA with Data Analytics course, the module ‘practical machine learning methods for data mining’ teaches students who wish to work in this sector the skills to understand and break through the huge amount of data available.

Principal Lecturer and module leader Dr Jon Tepper explains: “The digital revolution has made data easy to capture and inexpensive to store. The rate at which data is being stored is growing at a phenomenal rate with databases typically doubling in size every 20 months. As a result, many businesses are finding themselves data rich but information poor.

“Within this module, we focus on developing the core knowledge and skills you will need to work as a data scientist. This will involve studying a range of data transformation and machine learning techniques for extracting meaningful patterns from large data sets relevant to a wide range of sectors, such as healthcare and finance, where we see machine learning making a significant impact in the coming years.”

It’s not just theory either, as the course will allow students to use an open source data mining software package called WEKA. Through our cutting-edge virtual learning environment , you’ll be able to get to know this industry-strength machine learning workbench – giving you a great understanding of the strengths and capabilities programmes like this have.

It’s not just machine learning covered on the Online MBA with Data Analytics – the course also explores fundamental statistical approaches underpinning common data analysis techniques, the infrastructure required to store and manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data, and business change techniques for leveraging value from big data innovation. That’s alongside the core MBA modules which increase your business knowledge and skills.

In such a fast-paced industry, those wishing for a career in data analysis – or looking to advance the career they have already begun – are particularly advantaged by undertaking an online degree, as it means that you can work while you learn, keeping up with industry changes and accelerate your career trajectory at this time when demand is so high.

If you think the Online MBA with Data Analytics is for you, then get in touch today.