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How an Online MBA can help you capitalise on the UK data skills gap

If the digital revolution of the 20th century was brought about during what we now call the ‘Information Age’, perhaps the current period in time will become known as the ‘Data Age’. Our recently-acquired ability to process big data may come to exemplify the era we’re in right now due to its ongoing impact.

That’s not to say that big data and and its analysis haven’t shaken up virtually every field of business and technology already. Data analytics is now enabling a never-before-seen level of actionable business intelligence, and some believe this is only the start of what big data may help us achieve.

However, the sheer speed of big data’s rise has created a shortage of people with the skills necessary to derive meaning from it. A global study has found that 42% of international businesses need more staff dedicated to data and analytics, and nearly half are facing a skills gap that’s causing them to call for more training in these areas.

Here Dr Jon Tepper, subject lead for our Online MBA with Data Analytics, explains how this course can help you gain the precise data expertise companies are looking for.

An accessible route to essential data analytics skills

“Businesses are increasingly collecting data about various aspects of their operation, services, customers, suppliers and competitors with the hope of finding useful information with which to gain leverage or competitive advantage,” says Jon.“As a result, small to medium enterprises are potentially storing 20 terabytes or more of data, finding themselves data-rich yet information-poor. A study by IBM revealed that one in three business leaders do not trust their data.”

“The Online MBA with Data Analytics course is therefore aimed at business professionals who are increasingly aware of the need for their department and organisation to better capture, manage and analyse its data in a strategic and secure manner. The course will equip students with the ability to address the gap many organisations have when it comes to managing big data – the lack of a structured and systematic approach to leveraging the value of it.” 

The 100% online learning model makes the Online MBA with Data Analytics a viable option for professionals looking for study flexibility too, as many students work and study simultaneously.

“Delivering the course online broadens its accessibility for busy professionals and enables them to learn in a way that better suits their lifestyle. We’ve worked hard to marry the benefits of structured independent study with that of online collaborative learning and reflection.”

Combining meaningful data capabilities and core business dexterity 

So, what kind of data-specific knowledge and expertise can you gain through the Online MBA?

“A strong appreciation of the impact of big data, and methods and techniques that will enable your organisation to answer strategically-important questions, thus linking big data to innovation,” explains Jon.

“You will learn how to critically review your organisation's infrastructure for capturing and managing large volumes of data, and to identify database and cloud-based technologies that enhance it. The course will also expose you to the area of data mining; developing the knowledge and understanding you need to transform and analyse data to visualise patterns that provide useful business intelligence.”

“It’s crucial for students to question everything, embrace problem solving using a variety of sources and integrating numerical techniques with high-level reasoning skills. Failing to solve a problem should be embraced, as the course is about the necessary transformation and change that will help you meet your professional aspirations and full potential.”

However, as an MBA course, the benefits don’t end there. Alongside the data-focused modules, core MBA modules help to develop richer business knowledge and stronger leadership qualities.

“An MBA is seen as a passport to a successful management career,” agrees Jon. “Our course will provide you with a multidisciplinary qualification to enable you to either move from a functionalist position to a more senior, strategic generalist position in your organisation, or if you’re already a senior manager, to study the core disciplines that are required for a more senior career in business administration. It will enhance your management knowledge, leadership capabilities and global perspectives.”

The interactivity of a classroom at your fingertips

With so much to impart, it’s vital that the online learning experience is engaging. “Our virtual learning environment provides a highly social and user-friendly experience. The use of discussions boards, group areas and Q&As will help you keep in contact with your fellow students across cohorts, to work collaboratively, and to keep in contact with the course team.”

“The team use a wide range of teaching and learning methods to support students, including rich multimedia content, online exercises and case analysis. The application of theory to practice runs throughout the course and the knowledge and skills you gain can be applied to live and simulated business problems relating to data analytics and the management of big data systems,” explains Jon. “The provides you with the analytical and multi-perspective frameworks to enable you to recognise, identify and evaluate management issues which critically impact on organisational performance.”

Become ready to make a difference with data

Our Online MBA with Data Analytics can prepare you to identify the true value within big data and apply it for meaningful business impact, wherever you are on your professional path.

“The course will help students who are currently Business Analysts, Systems Analysts or in  positions involving management information systems to transition to more data architect, predictive modelling or data science roles,” says Jon. “Those currently employed in data architect, analytic or predictive modelling roles will be better equipped to transition to higher management and leadership roles requiring a more holistic understanding of how big data analytics impacts on all functions and roles of an organisation.”

By filling in the gaps in your data analytics knowledge or business expertise, our Online MBA could help you reveal new insight and direction within your career. Request more information to find out more.