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Want to change the world? Learn how an MA in International Relations could help

In today’s turbulent times, it could be argued that forging a career in international relations is more important than ever.

With an increasingly polarised political landscape on both sides of the Atlantic, unprecedented migration in Europe, a growing number of terror attacks and a global trend towards insular thinking, the level of unrest in the world seems to be growing by the day.

Understanding these global affairs and discovering how to act against the injustices they create is just part of what you’ll explore with our Online Master of Arts in International Relations. International relations can seem like a complicated subject to get to grips with, but our Online MA will open up the issues and give you the knowledge you need to take an active role. Not only that, but you can study around work or other commitments, at a time and place that suits you.

Here we’ve highlighted just a few of the ways this dynamic and contemporary online course could help you realise your ambitions to make a difference.

Knowledge is power

The first step towards creating change is to fully understand the current state of the world and how and why we got where we are. Delving into these topics can seem overwhelming at first, but our Online degree can help you cut through the rhetoric to the real issues beneath.

A large part of this is challenging what you think you know; we all naturally apply our own perspective to what we see and hear. Our module on International Relations Theory encourages you to leave your opinion at the door in favour of a truly objective viewpoint. Deconstructing your own cultural bias is a fascinating exercise in itself and will enable you to bring a new impartiality to your growing understanding of the world - an essential skill for anyone looking to analyse key issues and make judgements on how best to address them.

You’ll focus on a wide range of global affairs, international policy and current events, such as Security, Radicalisation and Terrorism in Europe and The Political Economy of (Under-) Development, exploring their intricacies and the debates surrounding them. With a solid understanding, you will feel confident discussing, evaluating and forming your own unbiased ideas relating to these areas, giving you invaluable skills to take forward in a new job or placement in a relevant field.

The ability to think critically

With contributions from influencers hailing from all four corners of the world, our online MA degree gives you the kind of multi-faceted learning experience that will strengthen your ability to approach information from an unbiased point of view.

You’ll hear from members of our international research community from the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Europe, providing an accurate picture of these key areas and the issues affecting them. The greater the scope of insight you are exposed to, the more your world view will expand, making your knowledge and understanding a valuable asset.

The whole picture

In these days of ‘fake news’, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction in the media. Unquestioning acceptance of events reported on social media seems to be a growing problem that only serves to muddy the waters of current affairs. And when people act against others on the basis of misinformation, the real problems begin.

Studying international relations in depth will urge you to question and analyse the way in which world affairs are recounted, allowing you to go beyond the limitations of media-reporting. With a wider scope of understanding and keen eye for exaggerated or false news, you will develop the skills to challenge distorted truths.

A positive impact

Organisations all over the world are seeking analytical and knowledgeable minds to help them affect change on the ground. If you want to help make a real difference and work towards readdressing the balance for some of the world’s most deprived and disenfranchised people, a solid foundation in international relations is a must.

Your qualification will prepare you for a rewarding career in either the public and private sector, such as within an international aid charity, in diplomacy, a government department, think tank or development agency. As the problems the world faces multiplies, so too do the groups set up to alleviate them and they all need individuals with a thorough understanding of the issues at stake and the passion and desire to make things better.

Wherever your Online MA in International Relations takes you, your work could influence a broad range of areas, such as climate change, terrorism and immigration.

To find out more about how our Online Master of Arts in International Relations could be the start of a rewarding new career for you, follow the link and request an information pack.

This article originally appeared on Top Universities.