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How can International Relations contribute to national development?

How can International Relations contribute to national development?

For the world to keep thriving socially and economically, all states must work together. Organisations like the United Nations, the European Union and the World Bank exist to make sure this can happen. They develop social and economic frameworks through which governments can collaborate and share knowledge. The huge role they have in global development make them popular career choices among our International Relations students.

Leading the leaders

Our Online MA in International Relations provides invaluable global leadership skills through a dedicated module titled The New World Order: Global Governance and International Institutions. In it, students can acquire a deeper, critical understanding of the processes and politics of global governments, using the work of organisations like the UN and its individual bodies as case studies.

Sharing knowledge

The global community faces new challenges every year, and it’s only by joining together that governments can continue to develop.

The sharing of knowledge is key here and connecting countries for joint initiatives is an effective way to achieve development. The UN’s current malaria vaccine pilot in Africa offers a great example: after years of development and more than $1bn of investment, Malawi, Kenya and Ghana will trial a new vaccine to see if it could save lives in other parts of the world.

Organisations like the UN can facilitate this kind of work through central power and governance.

With the foundations provided by our Online MA in International Relations, students can play an important part in processes like these that undoubtedly contribute to global development.

Develop a truly international view

Working in an international governance role requires real global thinking. It’s hard to build or nurture this kind of mentality without travelling, but what if you could bring the world and its different cultural perspectives to you?

Students on our Online MA in International Relations gain global perspective from studying alongside people with similar ambitions from all over the world. Take all of our online courses into account and 63 per cent of students come from outside of the UK, with 61 countries represented.

“I find studying with people from all over the world very exciting because everyone comes from a totally different career background with different experiences and it gives me a sense of belonging because we are very different people with almost one goal and at the same time going through the same experience,” says Hawa Abdulrahman, an Online MA in International Relations student from Kenya, who currently lives in Switzerland and works for the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Global platforms like the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons would provide a similarly multicultural working environment, so what better way to prepare? New ways of thinking will influence your own problem-solving approaches, setting you up perfectly to make a real difference to the world in a career in international development and global governance.

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