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Why attend an NTU webinar?

Why attend an NTU webinar?

If you’re new to the webinar concept, you may be wondering how it all works and what the benefits are.

As one of the UK’s top universities, we’re always looking for effective ways to engage with – and educate – our current and prospective students. Our webinars offer the perfect opportunity for prospective students to learn valuable and detailed information about Nottingham Trent University’s (NTU) online courses and ask any questions directly to our Admissions and Academic teams. 

We have a wide range of webinars geared towards prospective students, and you can choose which one best suits your needs based on where you are in your own application journey.

Admissions webinars

Our Admissions sessions are ideal for anyone wanting to find out more about studying online at NTU. Delivered by the Admissions team, these sessions will delve into the benefits of studying distance learning and studying at NTU, and provide an overview of the student journey, including the application process.

Recommended webinar: Global student community and experience at NTU

Description: Watch our Admissions team as they discuss the global student community and experience of studying one of our online courses at NTU. Learn more about studying online and hear a Q&A with our Admissions team.

Application to start (ATS)

These sessions provide a great opportunity to find answers to any remaining questions you have about the journey you’re about to start. You’ll be able to discuss the enrolment process and meet the staff who’ve supported you up to this point.

Recommended webinar: Making an application to study online at NTU

Description: Learn how our Student Recruitment Coordinators from the NTU Admissions team guide you through the application process.

Academic webinars 

The most in-depth of our webinars, these sessions – led by NTU academics – focus on specific online courses and their modules and use case studies to help new students understand what they can expect from their chosen online programme.

Recommended webinar: Online MA International Relations – women and global movements

Description: Join co-course leader, Dr Chris Baker-Beall and Women and Global Movements module leader, Dr Katerina Krulisova in our Online MA International Relations webinar. Hear a discussion of the modules, course details and our online learning environment and participate in a case study.

The virtual open day

We use our virtual open day webinars to give online students a chance to meet the people involved in delivering each programme. You’ll get a feel for lecturers’ teaching styles and specialisms, before having a chance to ask your own questions at the end of the session. The goal here is to give students a similar experience to the conventional open day they’d expect from a campus-based course.

What to expect: the details

We have 15-30 attendees in each webinar session, all of whom are on mute but able to ask and respond to questions by typing in the chat box. Everyone can see what’s being typed in real-time, which means everyone benefits from the questions and the leaders’ answers.

Each type of session will follow a format that has been designed to make the most of the time available. Sessions usually last up to an hour, with the last 10 to 15 minutes dedicated to a Q&A session for the attendees.

Getting involved

We hold our webinars regularly, and keep a channel updated with the latest recordings for you to revisit at your convenience. For more information on upcoming live webinars, please request more information from our Admissions team.